West Royal Blue WMA

Here you have a decision to make. You can continue on around to the left and about .2 miles on the left is Pine Bald Trail. This like most off roading trails in Royal Blue is an easy ride with a few moderate sections mixed in. There are several areas near the end of the trail that offer spectacular views of the valley and Lafollette below. This trail continues on to Tower Road, once there you can make a left then make a left at the end of that road and it will dump you out back in Caryville after more awesome views and tons of switchback curves.

Making a right on Cross Mountain Road instead of continuing up the hill will take you to several other trails. The first is almost immediately on your left. It's Long Pit Trail and becomes pretty tight in places. We were forced to turn around after a few miles as the trail got a bit rougher than I liked. This trail continues on around and joins back up to Cross Mountain Road several miles towards Turley.

Continuing on down Cross Mountain Road for about 1.5 miles gets you to Brushy Mountain Trail. After a few miles the trail T's and we made the bad choice of going downhill to the right. This dropped us into acres of ever narrowing trails. These were barely walking trails so definitely don't make that mistake. We ran out of time so we didn't get to explore the left fork at all.

Our most recent trip here took us down the other side of Long Pit Trail. We followed it until it split and took the right fork. This trail had many moderate and some difficult sections with a lot of deep mud holes. We spent over 2 hours just on this trail and had our doubts at a couple of spots.