East Royal Blue WMA

The trails on this side are really well marked with quite a few ATV trails as well as a firing range. TWRA has a really nice color pdf map I've linked below and there is a pretty decent map that we purchased at the Shell station on the east side of the interstate at exit 141.


We recommend jeep trails 2, 3, 4 and 6 for pretty easy trails with a few exciting areas. If you want a little more excitement trail 5, 7, and 8 are a bit rougher with some nice rocky sections. There is a tougher section of trail to take where 2 and 3 meet that leads to a creek and an atv trail. Head down hill at this 3 way intersection for a bit of scenery and a really fun moderate ride. I've rode this section with 31 inch tires but it has some decent drop offs that will bang your undercarriage a bit.

Air is available at this Shell station for 75 cents, or there's free air available at the Pilot on the west side of the exit. The Pilot's compressor is easy to miss, it's at the gas pump closest to the road and farthest from the interstate. (We circled the place like vultures a couple times before we found it.)