Catoosa WMA

So back to the fun stuff, the trails. There is a trail head about 3 miles from the T intersection on the right, it'll be the second trail you come to. The first one was a very short access trail over to a food plot. It's a pretty good sized clearing that was well plowed with no other obvious trails.

The second trail head leads to a maze of trails. After passing a few smaller trails we came to an intersection of 2 major trails (not pictured) and after checking out the one that was straight ahead for a few miles we ended up coming back and taking what would have been a left from the way we came in.

This one took us on a fun ride through the woods and eventually dumped us out at a gravel road that our gps labeled firetower road. There was a locked gate to our right that led further up the ridge and one can assume would lead you to the firetower.

We came back down the hill and landed back on the main gravel road and made our way back left to the entrance and on to Nemo Bridge.

All of the jeep trails we were on were very easy and quite open with very little growth to deal with on the trail. Overall I'd say it's a fun ride for the family with few challenges.

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