Pickett State Forest

Black House Mountain Road eventually ends in one of the best views we've seen on the trails. Turning into a trail and following a ridge line for a couple miles, Black House Mountain Road leads to Wagon Gap Overlook. Legend has it that Alvin York spent some time at this very spot contemplating whether to fight for his country in World War I.

This trail is pretty easy with a couple of washed out areas that make it interesting and will require a fair amount of ground clearance. One of the Jeeps with us was stock on 31's and made it fine, but a vehicle with low bumpers might take some damage in a couple of spots.

There were a couple of other trails of interest on Black House Mountain on the way up to Wagon Gap Overlook. One leads off to the right in a large clearing that has a large sign labeling the clearing as a wildlife opening. It was an easy to moderate trail that unfortunately was blocked by a large tree a couple miles in that required us to circle back around on a trail to our left.

The other trail that is a must see is on the left as you come in from the main road. It's approximately 1.2 miles from Redmond Mountain Road and is marked by an old swing gate that hasn't seen use in quite a bit of time.

That trail will lead you to:

The Mineral Pond